Anne Josephson
Anne Josephson President and CEO

Anne Josephson is President and CEO of JAG Gym. She opened JAG in September 2004 becoming the first gym to operate ... read more »

J.R. Roughton
J.R. Roughton Vice President and General Manager

J.R. Roughton has been with JAG since it first opened in 2004 and currently holds the position of Executive Vice ... read more »

Cari Bartholomew
Cari Bartholomew Director of Staff Development/Instructor

Cari’s path to JAG began at a young age, with ten years of gymnastics experience and 6 years as ... read more »

Dianna Banch
Dianna Banch Preschool Program Coordinator/Team Coach/Gymnastics Instructor

Dianna has been coaching since 2000 and has regularly attended gymnastics education clinics from leaders in the industry throughout the years. ... read more »

Lauren Bell
Lauren Bell Front Desk/ Gymnastics Instructor

Lauren grew up in Kansas City and has been competing in dance and tumbling since the age of 7. She competed ... read more »

Ilia Belov
Ilia Belov Team Coach

Born in Russia, Ilia Belov attended the Mocow State University for Physical Culture, Sports, and Tourism. Over the course of ... read more »

Craig Bender
Craig Bender Gymnastics Instructor

Craig started gymnastics at age 2 when his mother who coached gymnastics started him in a pre-school gymnastics class. He has ... read more »

Brandi Booker
Brandi Booker Gymnastics Instructor

Brandi is originally from Texas and has been involved in tumbling & competitive cheerleading since she was 8 years old. While ... read more »

Matt Borden
Matt Borden Gymnastics/Ninja Zone Instructor

Matt was born and raised in Southern California and began his gymnastics training at the age of 16 when he started ... read more »

Randi Borden
Randi Borden Front Desk/Gymnastics Instructor

Randi is from Los Angeles and grew up doing gymnastics. She competed in USAG as both an artistic gymnast and ... read more »

Erika Brown
Erika Brown Team Coordinator/Team Coach/Gymnastics Instructor

Erika started gymnastics when she was six after falling in love with the sport while watching it on TV. Her ... read more »

Tony Clarno
Tony Clarno Director of Programming

Tony started his gymnastics career in his hometown of Vancouver, Washington, training for 12 years and reaching level 10. He then pursued ... read more »

Alana Kerr-Collins
Alana Kerr-Collins Coach

Alana joined the JAG family in July 2016.  Born in Belfast, N. Ireland Alana attended gymnastics classes as a child.&... read more »

Tovah Collins
Tovah Collins Team Dance Coach

Tovah Collins was born and raised in Chicago. She began her training at the age of 6 at the Chicago Multi-Cultural ... read more »

Shannon Cone
Shannon Cone Gymnastics Instructor/Front Desk

Shannon came to LA from Fallbrook California to attend UCLA and has been working for JAG since October 2012. Shannon grew ... read more »

Olivia Courtney
Olivia Courtney Competitive Team Coach

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Olivia started taking gymnastics when she was 2.5 years old (after being inspired by her older ... read more »

Vincent English
Vincent English Gymnastics Instructor/Birthday Party Pro/Camp Instructor

Vincent was born in Los Angeles and first came to JAG as a student at 16. After a couple years, Vincent ... read more »

Kaley Cross
Kaley Cross Coach

Kaley grew up between a couple of cornfields in Minnesota. Throughout her childhood, she always had a hunger for what ... read more »

Ruby Epstein
Ruby Epstein Gymnastics Instructor/Front Desk

Ruby was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. At the age of 4, she started training in Rhythmic Gymnastics in ... read more »

Joee Fabrizio
Joee Fabrizio Coach/Front Desk

Joee grew up in Syracuse, NY where he started gymnastics at the age of 5.  He joined his gym&... read more »

Julia Finkelstein
Julia Finkelstein Front Desk

Julia is new to Los Angeles and is very happy to have joined the Front Desk team at JAG. While ... read more »

Tenaya Hazen
Tenaya Hazen Academy Coordinator/Competitive Team Coach

Tenaya has been passionate about the sport of gymnastics since she started  taking lessons as a child. She has ... read more »

Lauren Heffington
Lauren Heffington Gymnastics Instructor/Front Desk

Lauren joined the JAG family in 2014 as a front desk associate and coach. Born and raised in Downey, CA, Lauren ... read more »

John Hill
John Hill Gymnastics Instructor

John is a graduate from Syracuse University with a BFA in Film. John joined the JAG team in May of 2011 ... read more »

Ashleigh Howard
Ashleigh Howard Coach

Ashleigh is originally from Virginia and has always had a passion for gymnastics since she was 5. While in middle school ... read more »

Loren Judkowitz
Loren Judkowitz Gymnastics Coach

Loren grew up right here in California.  Her love for movement started in high school where she danced and ... read more »

Becki Kennedy
Becki Kennedy Gymnastics Instructor

Becki grew up outside of Boston, MA and was a competitive gymnast for 14 years. She loves teaching children gymnastics and ... read more »

Allison Klauer
Allison Klauer Gymnastics Instructor

Allison is originally from Jacksonville, Florida and was a competitive gymnast for 16 years, finishing her career as a USAG Level 10 ... read more »

Mike Klunder
Mike Klunder Co-Director of Administration

Mike joined JAG in 2011. Originally from Fullerton, CA, Mike competed on his high school Boys Gymnastics Team, in addition to ... read more »

Kris Lanham
Kris Lanham Front Office

Kris joined JAG in March of 2011 as an instructor and front office team member. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Kris ... read more »

Brandi Mason
Brandi Mason Competitive Team Coach

Brandi grew up in the gymnastics world, and competed for 16 years. Despite a huge growth spurt and a series of ... read more »

Glenn McCuen
Glenn McCuen Gymnastics Instructor

Glenn was born in Southern Louisiana and began gymnastics at the age of 6. He was a quick study and after ... read more »

Janelle Molin
Janelle Molin Coach

Janelle Molin joined the JAG family in 2016 but has nearly seven years of coaching experience under her belt. While her ... read more »

Carmen Nava
Carmen Nava Gymnastics Coach/Team Coach

Carmen Nava comes to us from Venezuela with over 10 years coaching experience in both rhythmic and artistic gymnastics.  She ... read more »

Janae Nichols
Janae Nichols Coach

Janae started gymnastics at the age of 6. She competed for 12 years earning quite a few State, Regional and National titles. ... read more »

Tara Peterson
Tara Peterson Gymnastics Coach

Tara has loved gymnastics for as long as she can remember. Like many youngsters, she first walked into the gym ... read more »

Wes Peterson
Wes Peterson Competitive Team Coach

Wes joined the JAG family in 2007, and is now the lead coach for JAG's ICG Competitive Girls' Team. Originally ... read more »

Ryan Quinn West
Ryan Quinn West Competitive Team Coach

Ryan Quinn West is very excited to be returning to JAG Gym as an instructor after being on the road ... read more »

Rauza Rafikova
Rauza Rafikova Competitive Team Coach

Rauza began coaching at JAG in 2004 as a USAG Team Coach, however, her gymnastics career began well before that. In 1975, ... read more »

James Schauer
James Schauer Instructor

James has worked with kids since 2004 and gymnastics since 2009. He is currently attending California State University, and will soon transfer ... read more »

Helga Shepherd
Helga Shepherd Co-Director of Administration

Helga was born in the UK and lived in London for 20 years before arriving in Los Angeles with her husband, 3 ... read more »

Laura Weigand
Laura Weigand Gymnastics Instructor

Laura  started Gymnatics as a child and competed  USAG at a national level. Continued her love of the ... read more »

Elaine Ziesche
Elaine Ziesche Gymnastics Instructor

Elaina joined JAG gym in August 2016. Her background in dance and gymnastics as a child led her to her first ... read more »