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Gymnastics Coach
Connor Hughes

Connor moved to Los Angeles from Florida and started at JAG in January of 2018. He has always had a love for extreme sports and has tried multiple activities such as skateboarding, paintball, bmx and rock climbing but nothing really clicked until he heard about parkour. Connor began practicing basic vaults off the dock in his backyard and later moved on to flips. After a year of training alone Connor had become pretty comfortable with his parkour skill and was noticed by “FLPK” (Florida Parkour), a group responsible for the proper teaching and knowledge of parkour. After training with members of FLPK for roughly 3 years, Connor had drastically improved and was excelling fast in parkour and it began to feel natural, he was then made an admin and coach of FLPK.
After 9 years of parkour experience Connor used his skills to start a stunt career and performed in live stunt shows at Universal Studios. After working in live shows for 3 years, he began working in television shows ranging from game shows to action movies and comedies, even becoming a contestant on a dating show! 

Connor took and interest in Ninja Warrior and trained for two years and eventually competed in season 5 of American Ninja Warrior! He eventually decided to teach other people what he has learned and worked in gyms in Florida teaching tumbling, tramp, tricking, parkour, freerunning and even built a Ninja Warrior course in a gym and taught the shows toughest obstacles!

During one of his stunt shows Connor suffered a major back injury and was paralyzed in his right leg for a month. After over a year of physical therapy, he made a fast and surprising recovery and is back to 100% and decided to continue his adventure in Los Angeles!

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