Flips and Tumbling

For students who are simply interested in tumbling and trampoline aspects of the sport, JAG offers Flips class and a 12+ year old Tumbling class Program. Additionally, these classes are often perfect for dancers, cheerleaders, martial artists, snowboarders, skiers, skateboarders, actors, divers, or other athletes who are looking for a cross training experience.


Ages 5 and up (50 minutes)

This is a 50-minute class that focuses on the basics of tumbling including forward and backward roll variants, cartwheel variants, handstands, and introduces the skills and drills necessary to learn round offs and back handsprings.

Flips Advanced

Ages 7 and up (50 minutes)

This 50-minute class splits time on trampoline and floor, focusing on the keystone skills of gymnastics: handstands, round-offs, and front flips. (Prerequisite: Must have a yellow band on Floor in Girl Gym or the Rolling/Flipping band in Ninja Gym)

Flips Advanced 2

Ages 7 and up (50 minutes)

This is a 50-minute class that continues to build on what was learned in Flips Advanced and introduces more advanced tumbling skills such as front limbers, backbend kick-overs, front handsprings, round-off back handsprings, front flips and aerials.  (Prerequisite: completion of Flips Advanced, completion of Girls Gym Advanced gymnastics, or by placement of instructor). 

Tumbling Ages

12 and up (50 minutes)

This 50 minute tumbling class is specifically structured to work with each athlete's individual goals to increase their tumbling proficiency. Join alone or bring your entire cheer or dance squad to take advantage of improving your team's tumbling and acrobatic skills. The curriculum from the Flips Advanced and Flips Advanced 2 are used for the Tumbling class according to the individual’s skill level.