Learn 2 Flip

For students who are simply interested in tumbling and trampoline aspects of the sport, JAG offers a Flips and Handsprings class and a Tumbling/Acro class Program. Additionally, these classes are often perfect for dancers, cheerleaders, martial artists, snowboarders, skiers, skateboarders, actors, divers, or other athletes who are looking for a cross training experience.

Flips and Handsprings (ages 7-12)

This is a 55-minute class that focuses on the basics of tumbling including forward and backward roll variants, cartwheel variants, round-offs, handstands, walkovers, front and back handsprings and aerials. 

Flips and Handsprings Advanced (ages 7-12)

This 90-minute class for advanced tumblers.  Handsprings, tucks and aerials as well as layouts and twisting are part of the curriculum.  (Prerequisite: completion of Flips and Handsprings, completion of Girls GO gymnastics, Boys Advanced Gym or by placement of instructor).

Tumbling/Acro Ages 12 and up (coed)

This 55 minute tumbling class is specifically structured to work with each athlete's individual goals to increase their tumbling proficiency. Join alone or bring your entire cheer or dance squad to take advantage of improving your team's tumbling and acrobatic skills.