Ninja Zone

We are thrilled to announce the launch of JAG Gym’s new program: Ninja Zone (perfect for boys and girls, ages 3 and up)!

When gymnastics, martial arts and cross training are combined to create ninja style moves that are used to conquer challenges and elude (imaginary) opponents, the result is a skill based, fast-paced, fun program geared just for boys and girls who have enormous energy and are looking for a great program to boost their athleticism.

While practicing the sport of Ninja develops the body and is tremendous fun, it also builds character and cultivates discipline. Ninja instills values and gives your child the confidence to take on challenges. We believe that children who learn to channel their impulse and energy toward a focused goal will succeed in all endeavors! Ninja classes are progressive with the levels following a color system: White, Yellow, Blue and Green. Ninjas will begin at the White level and progress accordingly after completing missions to earn the necessary skills to move to the next level.

Give us a call at (310)287-9886 or visit our Parent Portal to sign up your Ninja (ages 5+) or your Lil Ninja (Ages 3-5) today!