School-Age Gymnastics: JAG TeRRiFiCC Academy

Read Anne Josephson's article, How Gymnastics Helps Your Child Succeed in School (Backed by Harvard Research) for information about the many academic benefits of participating in gymnastics.

Our Academy Students,  Kindergarten and above, are placed into class based on skill and gender. JAG’s color-coded curriculum system (Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Purple) is taught on a continuum, allowing students to move at their own pace, advancing on the events on which they are ready. Monthly evaluations are low stress and allow the coaches to track the athletes’ progress awarding them a medal when they master the skills for that event. Progress to the next class is achieved when all medals from the previous level are earned.  If a student has gymnastics experience prior to attending JAG, please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss the most appropriate placement for your child.

If a child has prior gymnastics experience, we will place them in an appropriate age/skill class and the coach will then evalute your child to ensure a permanent class placement. 

Girls Classes

Hot Shots Ages 4-6, accelerated girls (90 mins, once or twice/week option)

Hot Shots is a 90 minute class for girls ages 4 to 6 years who are interested in moving at an accelerated pace in gymnastics. For a more accelerated learning experience twice/week is recommended. The class follows our Academy Curriculum (Blue/Yellow) focusing on basics like rolls, cartwheels and handstands as well as fundamentals on vault, beam and bars. Both the trampoline and tumble tracks are used to further air awareness and to introduce more advanced tumbling skills. Additionally, there is an emphasis on body shaping, conditioning and flexibility that forms the basis for readiness to enter into a Team program if so desired upon completion of Hot Shots. If competitive gymnastics is not of interest, then the gymnast enters our Academy program at the Green/Orange level.

Girls Blue/Yellow Ages 5 and up (55 minutes)

This 55 minute class is for beginner/advanced beginner gymnasts.  Skills taught include cartwheels, handstands and rolls as well as basics on bars, beam, and vault. View the Girls Blue/Yellow Curriculum online.

Girls Green/Orange Ages 5 and up (75 minutes)

This 75 minute class is for intermediate gymnasts. Skills taught include walkovers on floor, cartwheels on beam, handstand flat back vaults, and back hip and sole circles on bars. View the Girls Green/Orange Curriculum online.

Girls Red/Purple Ages 5 and up (90 minutes)

This 90 minute class is for advanced gymnasts.  Skills include front and back handsprings and tucks, walkovers on beam, handspring vaults, and kips on bars.  Twice a week is strongly recommended. View the Girls Red/Purple Curriculum online.

Girls Gymnastics Ages 8-13 (90 minutes)

This 90 minute class is open to gymnasts of any level aged 8-13. Class is individualized to each child based on their skill level, allowing our tween gymnasts to learn at their own pace among their peers. Skills will be taught in the appropriate progressions followed in our other girls classes, however what exactly is taught to each child during class will depend upon their skill level. For an idea of the skills we teach to our beginner, intermediate, and advanced gymnasts, you can view the curricula for our Girls Blue/YellowGirls Green/OrangeGirls Red/Purple classes online.

Club Gym Ages 8 and up  (2.5 hours)

Club Gym is a 2.5 hour weekly workout (Fridays 6-8:30pm) for girls who want the experience of training in a team atmosphere without the commitment of competitive gymnastics. Option to add on a regular Girls GO, ORP, RP or any Flips class if they would like to have a twice weekly experience. 

Boys Classes

Boys Gym Ages 5 and up (55 minutes)

This 55 minute class is for beginner/advanced beginner male gymnasts.  Skills taught include cartwheels, handstands and rolls as well as basics on rings, p-bars, high bar, pommel horse, and vault. View the Boys Gym online.

Boys Gym Advanced Ages 5 and up (90 minutes)

This 90 minute class is for advanced male gymnasts. Skills taught include front and back handsprings, tucks as we ll as more advanced skills rings, p-bars, high bar, pommel horse and vault. View our Boys Advanced Curriculum online.

Coed Classes

Flips and Handsprings Ages 5 and up (55 minutes)

Can your child already do cartwheels and handstands and do they just want to learn to flip? Then Flips classes might just be for them! JAG’s Learn 2 Flip Classes are for kids ages 5 and up who just want to learn tumbling skills and are ready to learn to flip. The classes are great for students who are cheerleaders, dancers, snowboarders, martial artists, skiers, skateboarders or just daredevils! Using our spring floors, tumbling strips, tumble tracks, trampolines and foam pits, the focus of the class is on walkovers, handsprings, aerials and saltos. You can view the different options in more detail, on our Learn 2 Flip page.

Tumbling/Acro Ages 12 and up (55 minutes)

Join alone or bring your entire cheer or dance squad to take advantage of improving your team's tumbling and acrobatic skills.