Virtual Parties

JAG Parties now on zoom!

Your child’s birthday is more than an opportunity for a party. It’s a celebration of one of the most joyous moments of your family’s life and something your child looks forward to each year.

We aren’t going to let COVID-19 stop your child from enjoying their special day…introducing: JAG Parties on ZOOM!

That’s right, party from the safety of your living room! Your child and their guests will be able to interact while JAG’s Party Pros will guide your child and their guests through a series of games and activities. You can choose from a gymnastics based party or a ninja based party.

After the activities, there will be virtual cake time where all will sing to the birthday child and give the kids time hang out!

Party favors? No problem! We got you covered—we will gift each child in attendance the codes to join our online classes for free for a week!  

Need a gift for your child? We can help there too. Visit our virtual gift shop at for a wide array of items that can be picked up curbside or delivered to your home!

Ready to get the party started? 

  • How do I schedule a party?
    • It’s easy! To schedule a virtual party, email us at with the day and time you are interested in. A JAG Gym team member will follow up with you to customize the details to help create a party your child will flip for!
  • Then what happens?
    • All you have to do is send us the emails of your guests, we make the invites for our JAG Gym Party Zoom video link and include the necessary waivers for participation. And violá! The party is ON(line)!
  • How long are Virtual Parties?
    • Most parties are about 20-30 mins long (depending on the age and attention spans of the kids).
  • Can I request a specific coach?
    • Of course you may, while we cannot guarantee staffing, we will do the best we can to have your child’s favorite coach involved if we are able!
  • What does the typical party schedule include?
    • Welcome by JAG/birthday child/guests (5 minutes)
    • Active Games and Challenges led by JAG coaches (20 minutes)
    • Birthday Song and Party Visiting (5 minutes)
  • Can parents and siblings participate?
    • Yes! Parent and sibling participation is highly encouraged. The more the merrier!
  • How many people can I invite to a virtual party?
    • It’s your party—so you can choose to invite as many as you wish. However, for the best experience, we recommend having up to 14 participants logged-in per party. You can have more than 14, it just gets challenging for everyone on the virtual party to see and hear everyone else.
  • Is there an age limit for Virtual Parties?
    • Virtual Parties are best for ages 3 to 12. We highly recommend parent participation for those 6 and under for technological support.
  • Can we do a theme?
    • Just like you would for an in-person party, you can pick a theme for your virtual party to keep things fun and honor your child’s party vision. Simply let us know and we will try to creatively weave the theme into our gymnastics or ninja based party!
  • Is there are cake time?
    • Of course! What is better than celebrating over a slice of cake? Or in this case, any snacks your guests have on hand and want to enjoy together. It’s a small detail but will help kids feel they are actually right there with your kid, celebrating together. So we will sing happy birthday together, blow out candles and thank everyone for taking the time to join.
  • How much is a Virtual Birthday Party?
    • We are offering the Virtual Birthday Party at $99 which includes two instructors and 30 minutes in your private Zoom room! It also includes a week pass to our virtual classes for the birthday child and all of your guests!