What’s Different Post-Covid

JAG Gym is following all recommended guidelines from the LA County Public Health Department, California Department of Pulbic Health, as well as the CDC to make our facility safe for clients and staff. JAG also completed a course to earn the COVID-19 Safety Compliance Certificate from LA Public Health.  

Parent viewing is available indoors in our lobbies and outside at the main the roll-up door. The upstairs restrooms are available for JAG visitors, and the giftshop and concessions are accessible. All visitors are required to wear a mask inside, even those that are vaccinated. All children must wear a mask in the lobbies as well as in the gym. Beginning November 29, Culver City has issued a vaccine mandate requiring all persons age 18 years and older to provide proof of vaccination for entry to JAG Gym. Those without proof of vaccination may watch from the outdoor viewing area on the east side of the building. For more details on the mandate, visit here.

We know that airflow is critical to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. We are very fortunate that we have large garage doors that help with the airflow. We also spent a great deal of time investigating solutions to increase airflow in the gym. We chose to partner with BAF as they have upgraded their fan technology to include a Clean Air System that pairs scientifically proven air purifying technologies with a powerful airflow solution: four huge fans on our ceiling. This results in a system that kills 99.99% of pathogens that can cause diseases like COVID-19 and influenza and provide cleaner air. You can read more about their technology here. Bonus: it will also cool the gym by as much as 10 degrees in the summer!


  • Disinfection - JAG uses medical-grade disinfectants which are CDC-approved, effective against COVID-19 and safe for everyone.
  • Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer - we have added the latest technology in disinfection - electrostatic sprayers and contract with EnviroMaster to use a Vital Oxide solution throughout the facility.
  • Common Areas - lobbies, restrooms, and other areas that are open to families are regularly disinfected.


  • In Bathrooms - faucets, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers are touchless.
  • Sanitizer Dispensers - additional touchless sanitizer dispensers have been added in both the lobbies and gym area.


  • Wash Station - Drinking fountain has been removed and replaced with an additional handwashing sink.
  • Hand Sanitizers - Additional hand sanitizer stations have been added throughout the facility.
  • Face Coverings - All staff and participants over the age of two, including adults, must wear masks at all times.


  • Specified Rotations - pre-designated spaces are provided for class participants which are assigned a specific time of use.
  • Water Breaks - each athlete will carry their water bottle throughout the class (please bring a water bottle from home). We have removed the communal water fountains and installed a touchless water bottle filler.


  • Specified Rotations - pre-designated spaces are provided for class participants which are assigned a specific time of use.
  • Advanced registration is required and we are not able to accept walk-ins.
  • Lunch and Snacks - Pizza lunch is now available. Our snacks are also available for purchase. Campers are welcome to bring their own food (please bring a water bottle from home) and eat at socially distanced tables. Campers are not allowed to share food.