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Gymnastics Instructor
Craig Bender

Craig started gymnastics at age 2 when his mother who coached gymnastics started him in a pre-school gymnastics class. He has been tumbling, flipping, swinging, and walking on his hands ever since then. He competed in USA Gymnastics and went on to medal at the NY State Championships. After gymnastics he competed in Springboard diving in High School and College. He began teaching recreational gymnastics at age 16 and has been teaching part time ever since. He has taught at a few gyms since then (including JAG for 12 years) and has taught everyone from pre-school through teenagers and from beginners to pre-team level in everything from boys and girls recreational gymnastics to trampoline and tumbling and even tumbling for cheerleaders as well. Craig’s favorite events are tumbling and trampoline as well as bars. When not at JAG Craig works managing digital operations for The Walt Disney Company, plays his guitar and piano around LA, and loves skiing and going to the beach.

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