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Gisselle Gordon

The 2nd oldest child in a family of 15 children, working with children was Gisselle’s natural evolution. Born in Brooklyn New York, she moved to San Francisco at the young age of 6 where her love for gymnastics grew. Enduring a compound fracture of her arm at the age of 10 while training, her path changed from training gymnastics to prep for competitions to doing gymnastics recreationally for the love of the art. A deeper study into “safe gymnastics” became a high priority. She has coached children’s gymnastics for over 10 years and safety in her gymnastics classes is her number one focus. Her favorite style of gymnastics to teach is Rhythmic Gymnastics. Her coaching background includes children’s classes at Capoeira Besouro, YWCA, Spectrum Health Club, Reed Park Community Center and Broadway Gymnastics. Proudly, JAG Gym is her favorite place to teach because of JAG’s core philosophies!

GIsselle is also a gourmet organic foods chef specializing in vegetarian “World Cuisine” and nutritional superfoods. On her off time, she works to grow her company, JUICE.UTICALS®. JUICE.UTICALS® is an organic home delivery service serving her original organic design, products including Boss Kid’s Lunchbox, JUICE.UTICALS, Love You ALatte and Cupcake Cleanse. Her conscious mission is to promote natural health on the planet through joyful exercise, seasonal cleansing and organic foods/superfoods. YouTube (JUICE.UTICALS) for free vegan cooking classes or online at

Gisselle is not only a gymnast but a martial arts teacher as well. A certified Capoeira instructor, she has worked with children ages 2-18 teaching Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines gymnastics with martial arts and music. She has worked with over 200 children here in Los Angeles. Her martial art background includes Capoeira, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Kung Fu. Her dance background includes classical ballet, Jazz, Afro Brazilian, Samba Reggae and Hip Hop.

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