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Gymnastics Instructor
Glenn McCuen

Glenn was born in Southern Louisiana and began gymnastics at the age of 6. He was a quick study and after only 3 months, could be seen teaching himself how to do backhandsprings in his front yard. His early accomplishments in gymnastics and parental support enabled him to relocate to Plano, Texas to advance his gymnastics training at WOGA. Throughout his competitive gymnastics career, Glenn would go on to win several titles and eventually be named a member of the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Team. During his final year in competitive gymnastics he was named 2008 Texas State Champion and 2008 Region III All Around Champion. The night before his 2008 Nationals Competition, he came down with a severe stomach virus. Against the advice of his parents, he competed the following day and placed 8th All Around, and finished 2nd place on the high bar.

Successfully balancing his academic studies with seven hours a day in the gym, Glenn maintained academic honor's status. In his spare time, he pursued a modeling career while studying acting. He modeled for Dillard's, JC Penney, Abercrombie, Niemen Marcus, amongst others.

After suffering an injury in the fall of 2008, Glenn decided to call it quits and move to Los Angeles. Since then he has landed several roles includingMarmaduke, Nickelodeon’s Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures, Teen Wolfand more. In his free time, Glenn enjoys skydiving, scuba diving and surfing.

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