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Kaley Cross

Kaley grew up between a couple of cornfields in Minnesota. Throughout her childhood, she always had a hunger for what she didn't know, whether that was learning how to flip, exploring spaces beyond or art. When she was 3 through age 8, she only knew and spoke gymnastics. Her parents pulled her from the sport to experience more outlets of expression. When she returned to compete in junior high, she balanced everything else she loved along with it and has never stopped this hyperactive, buzzing, sometimes crazy approach to life. She received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and moved to Montana after graduation for some fresh air, mountain climbing, painting in her studio, and to coach all levels of gymnastics. She never wants to grow up and has realized that some of her best teachers were decade(s) younger than her. She learns so much about life from their uninhibited movements, play, ideas, and love. Without this sport she doesn't know if her body could keep up with her dreams, and she is so fulfilled to be sharing her joy of overcoming obstacles, finding confidence, and believing in magic with her favorite population of humans: children.

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