JAG Competitive Team

JAG Gym participates in both the JO and XCEL programs offered by USAG, the largest governing body for gymnastics in the United States. Our goal is to find the place where your daughter is going to have the most fun as a participant in JAG Team gymnastics! 

The USAG JO program includes competitive levels from 2-10 and offers some of the strongest, most challenging competition at each level.  Athletes in Levels 2-5 compete in compulsory routines with optional routines beginning at Level 6. JO is a highly demanding program. Because of the levels of precision and difficulty required to execute the routines, JO gymnasts will typically train between 9 and 20 plus hours per week. The XCEL program offers more freedom to the child in creating their own routines and gymnastics pursuits. This program will allow for training in the same skills and events as the JO track. The XCEL program competes at the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Levels.

Both the JO and XCEL programs offer wonderful competitions. One program is not inherently better than the other—they each offer different advantages and disadvantages. As such each child may find benefits competing in each program at different times during their gymnastics career and even simultaneously. The coaching staff will determine the best meets for each child on an individual basis.  Some years a child may compete in multiple programs, while other years the focus may be on one or the other. 

JAG also offers several non-competitive Prep Teams, which is designed to prepare athletes for competitive gymnastics in the coming months or years. This is a class within our team program, staffed with team coaches, which focuses on progressing athletes towards our competitive team. Prep team allows athletes to increase their days/hours in the gym while not yet committing to a competitive group.

JAG’s Team Program is focused on meeting the gymnastics goals of each athlete while also providing a program that fits the life and needs of the entire family. We aim to group kids into peer training groups with similar developmental needs both as gymnasts and children. Our goal is to place kids in a group that has the best peer fit, matches their current skill set, and has the most appropriate amount of gym time.  As they grow in the program, their number of hours in the gym may grow as well.  Here at JAG, we have three core beliefs for our Team kiddos: 

  • Though not everything is easy, every day at JAG is fun.
  • They should leave every class exhausted.
  • They should be excited for the next lesson.

If we’ve done this, then we are in the right place!  We never want to go too fast, we take our time and check in along the way.  Competitive gymnastics is a long game.  It takes a lot of patience because there are a lot of new and fantastic things to learn for both the kids and the parents.

If your child is interested in team, please contact our Front Desk via email or by calling (310) 287-9886 to schedule your Team Placement. This is a quick assessment by a team coach to allow the proper placement within our team program. All placements must be completed before September 1, 2020 in order to be placed on a competitive team for the 2020-2021 meet season.